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Monday 2 January 2017

Data Gathering in chunks: Business Trends

Data is like Gold, valuable than any other entity in its surrounding. Data in every field is valuable irrespective of medium of access. On internet too data owns the command to drive an entity.
Increase in the usage of internet and internet based technologies,  2.5 Quintillion bytes of data is generated per day.

Depending upon the industry which one deals in, usage of generated data varies.
Online businesses today have variant sources of data generation, some are traditional like organic traffic, direct traffic and some new sources like paid traffic, affiliate traffic, social traffic etc.

Depending upon the traffic received, it goes through analysis, quality analysis.

One of the ways business gets customer data is via registrations. Registration is one of the most relevant way to get first party data, the data which customers itself generates. First party data generally is considered genuine as it is directly coming from customers..

With technology, registration process also has been developed to meet customer demands.
Primarily today there are three ways registrations are done.

Standard login: Standard login is the traditional way of registration, via filling up form. User has to fill up form and submit its data in order to get authentication right to that property. After validation, a username and password is required to authenticate.

Social login: Social login uses social media profile to authenticate to a property. Social login makes use of social api’s released by social media platform for enabling social login to a site.
Once visitor clicks any social icon on social login widget, it is redirected to choice of social media to authenticate. Upon successful login, it is redirected to same property but now is logged in.

OTP login:  OTP login makes use of otp pin to login. Enter email or phone number registered on that web property, upon submission user will receive an OTP which they have to input before time expires.

Registration being first choice, webmasters have opted for progressive profiling.
It is requesting customer data in small chunks, instead of asking whole required information at once.

Generally upon encountering such data begging forms, users tend to exit such websites. To tackle this problem, progressive forms are used. They serve minimalistic interface upon and after getting registered, asking users to submit very short piece of data upon every login.

Gathering data in small chunks does not look tiresome to visitors and is entertained.

This helps in getting required data for customer profiling as well as service personalization.

Businesses have opted it as a trend among themselves and are benefiting from it.

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