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Monday 12 November 2018

5 Tips to Create Awesome Looking Posters

Do you remember? When our class use to have few lucky students who use to create handmade physical posters for class in a school. Looking back make us realize how those skills came in handy! Poster designing consist of such rules today as well but way of implementing is somewhat different.
The best part about poster designing is that by following some basic guidelines and merging various ideas from everywhere, you can create your own. Poster designing is done by different motive as for some it is just a source of their recreational activity but, for some it is their professional work. 

Nowadays everything seems more convincing when it comes to visual advertising or marketing. Here is where poster speaks volumes through some designs. If you are looking forward to make some ultimate posters then keep reading. As this article includes 5 super special tips that will help you create amazing posters. 

1) It should speak the story for itself

What is the first impression on people? Make sure your visuals are appropriate also take a second opinion from other people to know what they see first, second and most important fact is to check is whether the poster has an effective design.
When you think you are well verse with basics, don’t be afraid to experiment. As Poster design is all about innovation and merging different points with a twist of adding new angles to it. The quality of influencing someone’s point of view is what your poster should have.

2) Eliminate unnecessary elements

It is totally normal to sometimes carried away while working on your poster design and making it overcrowded. Your poster should not have any unnecessary elements that makes it look untidy. So, make sure whenever you are working with the final design, try to step away from your work area and see if the design has proper spacing and only significant elements in it.

3) Selecting right font

Don’t worry! It is normal and totally fine if you take a bit of time to find a perfect font. Although it won’t be wrong to say that images grab most of attention. But, you can’t ignore the text as it does the direct communication with your audience.

Selecting fonts can be a hard nut to crack. You should select a font according to the message that you wish to convey. Also, don't use too many different fonts use at least 2 fonts, but not more than 3.

4) prioritize the work

The success of your poster lies in legibility. You should be very careful with the selection of fonts, size so that it is visible easily. It should be easy to read from a distance and as posters it should easily catch the attention and convey the message. Also, check if the poster is printed fine in quality.

5) Turn up the contrast

The poster that you made should make a person look at it multiple times and for that contrast is the weapon. Use high contrast amongst different design, elements. A lot depends upon what kind of color you are using for your text and background. So, always keep in mind the message that you want to convey before selecting colors.

Designing a poster shouldn’t be so difficult. There are hundreds of free tools available online. Additionally, if you are looking for something expert level, you can always hire an expert.

I hope all these tips helped you to understand how few rectifications and checks can make your poster look perfect. In case, you have any doubt or suggestion, do let us know through your comments below.Thanks!


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