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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Embarrassed at your anti-social website? Here is what to do

So, you have created an awesome looking website, optimized it for appropriate keywords and are waiting for some good news! But have you ever analyzed how social is your website? Social Media has become an essential part of every online business and having a social media friendly website is no longer an option. Having an anti-social website can harm your business in more than one ways. In this article I am going to explain symptoms of an anti-social website along with some tips to make your website more social.

Symptom 1 : Your content is irrelevant and boring

Content is always the king and this is the wide known fact that in this world, only good stories that are well told, have the capability to go viral. So if you are offering same boring content to your audience in the same boring way, then I am sorry but you are writing just for robots, not for humans.

Irrlevant content

Solution :

Always make sure that you offer unique, interesting and compelling content to your audience. Write for humans, not for bots. Find out what type of content can make your visitors stick around and how you can leverage the power of content to convert your visitors.

Symptom 2 : Your sign up process is too complicated

As per the recent survey by Blue Research, 75% users hate filling long registration forms and prefer to leave rather than going through complicated customer registration. Apart from being the time consuming, the process brings along password fatigue issue. All these issues freak out your visitors and make them leave.

Long registration process

Solution :

Offer social login. The upcoming generation is all about social and if you are still stuck with that years old long registration process, you are far left behind. Let your visitors authenticate themselves with their existing social identities with the help of social media login. Apart from improving user experience by simplifying the whole process, it also provides you access to reliable user profile data. By in-depth analysis of this data, you can understand your customer behavior and make user oriented marketing strategies.

Symptom 3 : Your website lacks Social proof

Everyday an online user visits hundreds of websites. To buy one product users have numerous options so why would they choose you over others? To that end, having social proof is must. Recent survey reveals that social media has a huge impact on purchasing decisions of online users. In the absence of social proof, your audience won’t trust you and abandon your website.

Social Proof

Solution :

Create a brand on various social media networks. Also, show visitors what others are saying about you. There are many ways to do that like you can show embedded posts from social media networks, or you can show customer testimonials or you can show social media counter too. Including these credibility factors will build customer trust and improve chances of conversions.

Symptom 4 : Your website sucks at mobile

Don’t let me get started on it. Unless you are living under the rock, you must be aware of the importance of having a mobile friendly website. But if you are not, your website is dangerously anti social. If your website is not accessible to various types of devices, you are losing out  a huge customer base.

mobile friendly website

Solution :

Opt for responsive design.  Make sure that your website is well optimized for desktops as well as mobile devices. Read this article to find out the secret of creating a seamless mobile experience. Some points that you should take care of are :

  • Simplify registration
  • Make the navigation easy
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Select font size, design, etc while keeping in mind mobile users.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Google Analytics Tricks You Did Not Know

Do you want to know how your website is performing? Do you want to know how much traffic you are getting? Do you want to know why visitors are leaving your site as soon as they arrive? Or Do you want to know why your conversions are going down? Well, all these questions will immediately take you to your Google Analytics Account. Every few days, some new feature is added to Google Analytics you had no idea about. In this video by Kissmetrics, you will get some amazing Google Analytics tricks that will help you to get insights more precisely.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Web Design Blunders it's time to say good bye to!

First impression is always important because, of course, you can’t deliver second first impression. Let’s imagine a scenario, a user is looking for some service that your business provides and he/she arrives on your site. What happens next can either make or break your business. Either the user finds your website amazing and decides to stay or the user finds your website ugly and immediately leaves.

If you are not getting the desired results, then it’s clear that something is definitely wrong. In this article I am going to mention five common web design blunders that businesses make and must say good bye now!

  1. The barrier of complicated registration process :

    With 54 out of 100 users leaving the website rather than filling long registration forms, making users register by creating another new username and password can make your hardly earned traffic go away.

    Solution :
    Social Login

    Implement social login. Social Login, also known as Social Sign In, simplifies the process of registration by letting your website visitors authenticate themselves using their existing social identity. No more passwords to remember, no more time consuming customer registration process and no more spam sign ups, social login is the key to offer personalized user experience.
  2. Lack of relevant content :

    Most of the websites either have awesome design or awesome content, but not both. Putting irrelevant, duplicate or outdated content on your website will not be able to make users stay for long duration. Sooner or later, they will start leaving.

    Solution :

    Content is the king, we heard it long time ago. So in order to ensure success, along with an attractive design, you should also put effort in writing unique, simple and informative content on your website which can bind users for a long time.
  3. Poor Navigation :

    If you are using complicated navigation process on your website, users are getting confused and lost while searching for a particular page, you are making a big mistake. More the time users takes to find one particular information, higher are the chances that he will get frustrated and leave.

    Solution :
    poor navigation websites

    Make it obvious when it comes to navigation. Link all important pages from the home page of your site. Also remove the pages that are making users confused. Make sure to place the navigation bar on easy to locate place of your home page.
  4. You have nothing new to offer :

    If your website is doing exactly what your competitors are doing, then how will you stand out? Why your visitors will choose you over your competitors if you are using same boring, bland design similar to others?

    Solution :

    Be unique. Do something others are not doing. It’s great to experiment new things in order to find out what works best for you. Let your visitors know why you are different and why they should choose you.
  5. There is too much clutter :

    Many a times, in order to look unique, businesses bombard their websites with too much material including, images, videos,  flashy graphics but what they don’t know is that it makes their users leave. Solution :
    Less is more
    Less is more when it comes to web design. Simplicity works best.  Instead of putting everything on home page, include only those elements that are necessary. Adding too much will create confusion and slow down the loading time of your web page.

There are many mistakes businesses make when it comes to design an effective website, but above five are the most common ones. If you are also following these old school web trends, it’s high time you need to bid goodbye. What other mistakes do you think businesses often make? I would love to listen in the comments below.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Landing Page Forms : Best Practices

One of the least noticed elements of a landing page is forms but do you know landing page forms play important role in conversions? When marketers think about landing pages, the first thing that strikes in mind, is CTA button or headline, clearly ignoring forms. But without a perfectly optimized landing page form, users wight leave the website before even getting started. In order to ensure conversions, marketers must optimize their landing page forms, but it’s not that easy. For ex, asking for too much information might freak them out and make them leave while asking too little information will not get you enough data to understand your audience.
Best practices

In this article I have listed down five best practices to maximize the effectiveness of your landing page forms :

  1. Place landing page form above the fold :

    If your landing page forms are located at the least visible places, then you already lost half the battle. After all who has got the time to find your forms and then fill it out.

    To that end, always place your landing page forms at easy to locate places, or place them above the fold, in the centre so that as soon as the user lands on your site, he can easily find and submit it. Placing these form in the upper right corner of the page ensures maximum conversion.
  2. Offer social login :

    As said above, asking too many questions often irritate users and forces them to leave. So one of the solution to the problem is to ask for limited information. But then you say, you won’t get enough information to understand users. That’s where social media login helps.

    Social Login
    By offering social login, you can leverage the power of social media networks to get data about your audience. All that you need to do is to ask them to use their existing social media account to connect with your website. Apart from simplifying the process, it will give you access to the first party user data from their social profiles.
  3. Optimize your landing page form for mobile :

    This year, revenue generated by mobile users in US is around 14.8 billion dollars. (Source). As per Social media hat, around half of the consumer deny returning to a website that doesn’t load properly on mobile. These stats clearly indicate the need of a mobile friendly website.

    In order to make sure you don’t lose these mobile users, make sure to optimize your forms for mobile. Keep the form short and easy-to-locate. Social Sign in can be  a great solution here as the users no longer need to fill long registration forms with those tiny keys plus it is a well known fact that most of the users are already logged in at one of the social media accounts on their mobile devices which make social login a wise choice for your mobile audience.
  4. Focus on CTA :

    Make sure to use compelling words in your forms like “get the free ebook now” rather than “submit” or “click here. Feel free to boost benefit of the form submission to your users. Also design the buttons in a way that leads to better conversions. Test out different colors and size and finalize the best combination
    effective CTA buttons
  5. A/B test everything :

    Last but definitely not the least, the strategies differ from businesses to businesses. So test out everything and design a perfect, highly converting landing page form that can drive you maximum benefits. These were the five best practices to design an optimized landing page forms. If you think there are any other tips that I missed, feel free to mention in the comments below.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The future of link building in SEO

Link building is one of the most controversial factor of search engine optimization. It is one of the factor that impact search engine ranking of the website most. But as Google is making its search engine more humanize, it has become essential for SEO marketers to understand the significance of links and how they impact your site ranking and what is the future of link building.

The following inforgraphic from Moz, explains here some great methods for link building in order to rank your website higher in search engine ranks.

The future of link building

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How to win audience with social login data

Every message that marketers create is not targeted universally instead they are created for a specific audience in order to get maximum engagement. The more you know about your customers, the better experience you can offer them. But without knowing who your audience actually is, you can’t be able to find out whether your marketing strategies and efforts are targeting right audience or not.

Now that you understand the importance of this information, the next question arises is how to get this information without annoying your audience? By providing the option of login via their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, you can eliminate the need to fill another sign up form and create another site specific password. Thanks to Social network login, within a few seconds, visitors are able to access your website and you get the reliable first party user profile data.
social data

When the visitor opts for social login, your business get the access to precious user data from their social media profile. This data includes gender, location, verified email address, age, interests, likes, dislikes, etc. Access to this data means now you have better user insights as per their social media behavior which indicates more targeted marketing strategies.

Here are 4 ways your business can boost benefit with the data fetched with social sign in:

  1. Understand your audience :

    The more you understand your audience, the better you can target them and the higher engagement you can achieve on your site. Social Login provides more accurate data compared to traditional registration process, along with the basic details like email id and name, including :

    a. Favorite tv shows and movies
    b. Interests, likes, dislikes
    c. Address, educational history, job profile, etc

    With such a wide data, businesses can now understand their audience on a much deeper level and boost interaction.
  2. Offer more personalized experience :

    Everybody loves personalization, no matter online or offline. Now that social login helps you to know who your customers are, what are their likes, dislikes, preferences are, you can show right content to right customer at the right time with the help of personalized experience. A personalized experience not only results in happy customers but also ensures the growth of your business.

    By providing personalized user experience, you can :

    a. Improve customer experience thereby boosting conversions.
    b. Eliminate irrelevant targeting
    c. Achieve more return customers
  3. Make more user oriented marketing strategies :

    User data holds great importance in creating marketing strategies. People love sharing their opinions about the products they love on their social media profiles and that’s where social login helps. It helps you to find out what your audience likes and what it doesn’t. Thus you can modify your marketing efforts accordingly and add what works best for your business and eliminate what’s not.
  4. Build a relationship :
    Leave online business, even in real life, can you imagine building relationship with someone, you know nothing about? I guess not. After all before building any kind of relationship, you need to understand them first.

    With the data provided by social login, you can truly understand who your audience is and achieve higher engagement on your website. There are numerous ways to do this but the first thing that you need to keep in mind is to treat your visitors like human. Recognize your return customers, offer relevant product recommendations and build relationship.
There are several ways businesses can utilize social login data. It’s you who has to decide which method can boost maximum benefits for your business.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

3 step guide : From anonymous visitors to known customers

Anonymous Visitors

In order to reach out to the visitors in the hope of conversions, it is a must for marketers to understand their audience. Without understand who they are, there is no way you can convince them to convert. In this article I have mentioned three steps to convert your anonymous visitors into known customers.
  • Eliminate the hurdles of traditional registration :

    Users arrive on your website with some specific action in their mind like buying a product or downloading an ebook or reading content. Anything that comes in between is the big hurdle in conversions. Registration is one such hurdle that turn off visitors. But then you ask, “But how do I get user data without asking them for register?”User data holds great importance for business, but shockingly, 88% users provide incorrect information in registration forms plus in this hectic era, who has got the time to fill those long sign up forms?

    This clearly indicates that the time has finally arrived to ditch those long registration forms and allowing visitors to authenticate themselves using their existing social identity. The process is convenient and allows users to convert with a single click. The easier the process of sign up the more people will convert. Apart from that, social sign in provides businesses access to reliable user profile data that helps in creating more personalized experience.
  • Make the website mobile friendly :

    The mobile age has finally arrived and if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile devices, it is something to worry about. With around 50.3% traffic on a ecom site arrives from mobile devices, it is one area that’s hard to ignore. So if your website is not optimized for these mobile users, you are already losing out half of the traffic when you are not even started yet.

    To solve this problem, businesses must make their website mobile optimized by opting for responsive design that works for all kind of devices. Also allow visitors to sign in via their social media accounts as we all know how frustrating it can be to fill a long form with those small keys. Other tips to make a website mobile friendly are :
    1. Including viewport meta tag
    2. Optimizing button size and font size as per device
    3. Using high resolution images
    4. removing default zoom option
  • Implement single sign on :

    If you think driving registration across one web property is difficult, think about the brands that own multiple domains. The challenge will be multiple times tough. But implementing Single Sign On can help them out.

    SSO lets visitors to authenticate just once and then they are free to move across all your web properties. This process eliminates the need to sign in on all web properties owned by a single brand.

A website can drive millions of visitors everyday but it won’t be able to convert them if their strategies are not meeting customer expectations. For marketers, driving traffic to the site is only half of the battle. But to get revenue, they require efficient strategies to convert anonymous visitors into known customers. Above mentioned three strategies will help you out to recognize anonymous site visitors and nurture them over the time.