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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Why SMO is an important part of SEO?

Search engine giants such as Bing, Yahoo and Google have seen immense benefits in making social media an integral part of search engine optimization as it can increase the quality of their database and boost their ranking data. One of the best examples of SEO-SMO collaboration was the tie up of Google with social media site Twitter where tweets were included in Google searches. Though, the partnership has come to an end, Google is continuing its practice to use data from social media so that its search engine services could be improved. The emergence of Google’s own social networking site Google+ was also a part of this strategy where users+1’ning increased their ranking of pages and improved traffic.

Google and other search engine companies have accepted the fact that +1’s, Tweets and Likes, do work wonders for them and evaluate as well as optimize their content.
When we talk about social media optimization, it works just like search optimization as it improves the quality of traffic when they target social media platforms. Social media platforms are not considered as search engines but they do work as medium increase traffic on your websites or blogs. (TESTED AND ASSURED!!!).. :)
There are four sections which are affected and improved due to the application of Social media optimization strategy. They are basically:-
  • Meta data used for social platforms (It can be considered as The source code)
  • The content for social media platforms
  • Structure  as it needs to be browsable and promotes sharing and social interactions
  • Collecting valuable information about the popularity of your website via social media.
The most important thing which is expected from SMO is to acquire accurate information about the popularity of websites. Hence, the process gets simplified. If you get more likes or shares on your website, it means that the website is getting popular. Thus, the combination of SEO and SMO will improve your ranking and make your website, a centre of attraction for the targeted keyword. Social media optimization can also help search engine marketing as well. An example would be endorsing the page with Google Adwords so that the AD could be visible in search engines.
Moreover, social media optimization could help your website to filter social networking sites according to the nature of your business. Hence, you can found your target audience. Moreover, you only need to throw relevant share buttons so that your readers may not get confused by seeing a bunch of social buttons. Never overdo it.
So to sum up, social media optimization is a tested technique. If it swings for Google and Bing, it can Swing well for your website as well. Further, the benefits of social sharing and share buttons will take your website/blog viewership at new heights. Explore the possibilities and best of luck with Socializing.. !!!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Fire-Sure tactics to boost your blog traffic with social media!

Trust me social media can be the biggest gateway for the maximum traffic for your blog post but only if you know how to use it. Many bloggers today are completely relied upon Social media to get the maximum visibility in online world.

Although it is easy to make a tweet along with a link of your blog post attached to it but getting a sustainable traffic out of is really a challenge. And the challenge has its own rewards. You will get credibility via your social media  presence and this will surely makes you stand out as an expert.

So what are the key points here that a blogger should keep in his mind in order to get a sustainable amount of traffic. And that’s what this blog is all about so let’s have a quick go through on the details!

Post your blog content frequently:

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule of Social Media? No I am not talking about 80% results come out of 20% of work. With this 80/20 rule I would like to highlight the rule of business world where 80% of your social media posts contains the other interesting content that people would love to share and 20% of all your posting should focus on business related content that also include some persuasive calls to actions. Not only this but also spend 80% of your all over time that you spend online in sharing other people’s content and keep 20% share of that time to spread your own blog post. Believe this is effective.

Outsource some of your work:

Now you must be thinking if you hand over the work that you already are doing to someone then how will you be able to get the traffic. But  with this you can save a lot of time that can be re-purposed towards more profitable activities that can get you more blog traffic. You can utilize this valuable time in mastering Ad Words, Facebook advertising and other traffic gaining activities.

Turn cross- promotion into our friend:

Well this can be proven as the secret ingredient that is buried deep within your cookbook for a successful marketing strategy. This behaves as the king of Ace in promoting your brand’s online presence. So what’s this secret has to offer??

Cross promotion is simply making use one of your social media platform to promote rest other social media platforms. This seems very innocent at first but the main thing lies back here. For example when you upload a video on YouTube, you also promote this video on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and on some other social media networks. This YouTube Video also at some point either in the description or at the end of the video promotes your Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest and other social media accounts that you have.

This automatically creates an infinite loop where an user consumes a content from the same person across multiple social media platforms. And if your content is worthy enough then chances are you may get a great fan following on every social media network.

Make it easy for people to share your content:

The easier it is for people to share it, the more they would like to put an effort. You generally see a bunch of social media share buttons at the bottom of many blog posts. You click on the button and a social media post shows up. So if you really want to increase your chances of people sharing your content then you need to simplify this process. Including social share buttons at the top or at the bottom of blog post when you actually have an extra large content seems not to be a wise choice at all instead you can opt drop-down approach or you can add these plugins in your sidebar to make it easily visible to the people.

So these are some of my trickiest ways to get good blog traffic via my online networking. Try your hands on them and let me know how much response you get through this via the comment box below.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Acquiring Customers of your Choice

Customers run a business, what will happen if business gets selective of their customers?
Yes it is very true that businesses are run by the customers. Every business is customer centric.
There is no such business (except Mafia) who do not follow this basics of business.
Somewhere in business world there are businesses, who have adopted the policy of Choosing their own customers and are excelling from it.

Let’s Discuss such businesses and their motivation behind selecting customers.

Choosing your customers at once feels like standing in front of the store with a beer in hand and allowing only few of the customers inside which they feel are their preference or by hanging a board on the door “Only Grandpas and Grannies Allowed”. Thats rude and unethical in terms of business.

Concept is same but the way it is executed is different. Instead of standing on the door, drinking 100’s of beers a day and restricting people, change yourself and the strategies in order to convert this customer flow to a relevant customer flow.

Why and How it can be done?
It is done for benefiting both, Business and the Customer.
It can be done by Implementing Customer Identity Management.

Businesses choose their customer base first so as to provide better products for the customers who were their base while developing the product.
Products like Baby Oil, Exotic perfumes, Health Drinks, Snacks directly or indirectly target specific Age Groups, Body Type, Behaviors etc.

Some products or services are demographic dependent, that means they are made for specific demographic like a SunScreen Cream with different SPF values. Some 50 SPF SunScreen Creams  are specifically for Cities like Hawai etc., specifically means the components are not general as a regular high SPF 50 Cream, but are specifically manufactured for people living in that area.

How Businesses can make use of Customer Identity Management platform?
A cIAM helps businesses providing the analytics of their customer base. These analytics are generated from customers itself, by getting data via registrations and progressive data collection.

That’s how business can define their choices and plan accordingly. Businesses with generic products can also opt for a cIAM for making future proposals and research ideas.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Booming your Local Business While you Talk

Local businesses are still a need for people in world of ecommerce.
Ecommerce adds a convenience of choosing variety of products, new brands, exported brands without leaving their home or office.
Easily the order can be delivered to any part of the world with accessibility of delivery provider.
An additional benefit for customers is that they can choose to play while they receive the order and can return if they are dissatisfied with the product.
Ecommerces use customer identity platform to know their customers identities and serve better by analyzing those profiles.

For local businesses, say it’s a bakery shop or a grocery store, don't have have much budget to create and maintain an online store. Even local businesses with chains on different locations cannot afford or risk to have their own online store as they may deviate from their physical store.

What makes it almost impossible to own an ecommerce store for local business?
  • Development Costs: It requires a dedicated team to develop an in house ecommerce store which is costly. Outsourcing it to a company is solution but it has some challenges too, like late delivery, miscommunication etc.
  • Technical Errors: There comes a time when due to heavy traffic or backend processes, technical errors arise or sometimes transaction errors happen due to misconfiguration. Support generally takes up some hours, probably days to  get to a solution.

    So how can such local stores achieve good sales without spending a single penny and on their own?
    Social Media is a good platform to interact with the audience and customers. With the help of social media, store owners can create their own page, locate themselves on social media and invite local members to join them. Things don’t end here, maintaining social activity is also necessary.|
    Do keep in mind, everything which you share should be able to communicate to the audience. A dead end post is likely to remain dead in terms of interaction.

    More you interact, more you get to know about the feedback of your area.
    Share discounts on Social Media, run promotional  campaign offline and promote it online.

    Campaigns are one of the best sources of knowing your customers, the more you ask then on different phases , the more your business will adapt and grow with varying audience and customers.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Tindering your Customers

Are you on Tinder? Yes I am.
If you are not, you probably might have heard about it from colleagues or friends or may be your partner. Users swipe Right to hop on to someone’s dating wagon and left to say B’Bye to the call.

Same is in the case of customers. Customers also do let and right in realtime. They left swipe to those which are not appealing just like tinder profiles. A man with a clean shave , pretty smile...oh has a dog too...  Right Right Right !!!   An attractive woman….Righhh...OH  I see a man...Left Left !!

Tinder and real world resembles somewhere. Customers are the profiles and they resemble same properties as a Tinder profile does. Correlating may be quite difficult at this paragraph, but in the end you will get the logic behind.

Let’s Discuss some Tinder Rules which are interesting and are applicable for both the worlds, whether you are on Tinder or making business strategy.

Rule No 1: It requires more than to be Pretty: Tinder is all about Pics, the First Impression. Standing with lot’s of girls? The only guy in the picture !! Friendzonedddd!!! Swipe Left.
More often people are in such a haste to be in the dating Wagon, they forget the importance of their profile image.

Same is with the marketers. A new product is just launched and they unpurposely approve sanctions which fastens the process of delivery and product Posters/ Design is one of it.
Who wants to buy a Beard Oil with yellow green background ?!
Whatever you sale/provide, the first impression should be appealing, just like a guy standing with lots of girls holding one of them from her waist.

Rule No 2: Keep it Straight: Profiles are just the name and images, so it is better to keep profile details short and “want to know more”. “I like skydiving on my weekends with my buddies and cooking” sound less appealing compared to “A Skydiver and a Chef in Learning !”.

Same is with the marketing. Keep introductory description short, to the point but not too informative. You can vary the introduction according to type of your audience, i.e. are they old age or technically sound or are marketers etc. A regular customer profile management can help you overcome the challenge of  segregating your customers.

Rule No 3: The Turnoffs: Let’s say you got lucky and you got right swiped. You now has an option to send them a message or move on. You choose to send them a message..”You have Beautiful eyes, Silky Curly Hairs, your lips are…” “Blocked till Death.!!”.

In marketing terms your ad get get’s clicked and you now have a chance to say Hi to them, deliver what you want to deliver.

Don't be dull in your second impression, as i mentioned above keep it simple but appealing. Don't make your customers bounce from your landing page. Fulfil the promise you made to the customers and leave them with more questions in mind.

A Simple “Hi, Irine, How are you? :)” can make a miracles.