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Monday 1 June 2015

5 Reasons why your B2B company requires a blog?

B2B Blogging Benefits

The age of Content Marketing has finally arrived and blogging is one such tactic every business is implementing in order to drive quality traffic and generate leads. But still there are some B2B companies which are not aware of the power of blogging for their business. In this blog, I am sharing some essential benefits of blogging for a B2B company.

1. Driving high quality traffic to website :

First and the most important, Blogging is a great way to attract right kind of users or you can say, your ideal users. Along with this, a blog has a long lifespan thus a good blog, will keep driving traffic to your website for years.

2. Higher Search Engine Ranking :

Did you know every year Google process at least 1 Trillion search queries? Everybody is aware about the importance of content for search engine rankings. So having a high quality blog for your organization will boost you with higher search engine rankings.

3. A safe way to do social media :

The importance of Social Media for a B2B organization is worldwide. Blogging is a great way to opt social media for business. Readers can share the blog posts on several social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc thereby improving word-of-mouth marketing and social reach of your business.

4. Reach to target audience :

Blog is a great way to directly reach to your target audience. With blogging you can immediately respond to the issues about your products or important happenings in your industry. You can publish a statement or news within minutes and promote it via social media networks.

5. Converting more leads :

Blogging is not only a great way to attract users but also extremely beneficial in boosting conversions.  By adding an appropriate CTA button with every blog post you create, you can improve conversions. Once the reader has finished your blog, with the help of CTA button you can guide them with the next step. If they liked your article, they might subscribe to you and thus, you can achieve one high quality lead.

Blogging is no doubt beneficial for companies whether it is B2C or B2B. Does your organization have a blog? Or what do you think why every B2B company should have a blog? Mention your answers in the comments below.-


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