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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Embarrassed at your anti-social website? Here is what to do

So, you have created an awesome looking website, optimized it for appropriate keywords and are waiting for some good news! But have you ever analyzed how social is your website? Social Media has become an essential part of every online business and having a social media friendly website is no longer an option. Having an anti-social website can harm your business in more than one ways. In this article I am going to explain symptoms of an anti-social website along with some tips to make your website more social.

Symptom 1 : Your content is irrelevant and boring

Content is always the king and this is the wide known fact that in this world, only good stories that are well told, have the capability to go viral. So if you are offering same boring content to your audience in the same boring way, then I am sorry but you are writing just for robots, not for humans.

Irrlevant content

Solution :

Always make sure that you offer unique, interesting and compelling content to your audience. Write for humans, not for bots. Find out what type of content can make your visitors stick around and how you can leverage the power of content to convert your visitors.

Symptom 2 : Your sign up process is too complicated

As per the recent survey by Blue Research, 75% users hate filling long registration forms and prefer to leave rather than going through complicated customer registration. Apart from being the time consuming, the process brings along password fatigue issue. All these issues freak out your visitors and make them leave.

Long registration process

Solution :

Offer social login. The upcoming generation is all about social and if you are still stuck with that years old long registration process, you are far left behind. Let your visitors authenticate themselves with their existing social identities with the help of social media login. Apart from improving user experience by simplifying the whole process, it also provides you access to reliable user profile data. By in-depth analysis of this data, you can understand your customer behavior and make user oriented marketing strategies.

Symptom 3 : Your website lacks Social proof

Everyday an online user visits hundreds of websites. To buy one product users have numerous options so why would they choose you over others? To that end, having social proof is must. Recent survey reveals that social media has a huge impact on purchasing decisions of online users. In the absence of social proof, your audience won’t trust you and abandon your website.

Social Proof

Solution :

Create a brand on various social media networks. Also, show visitors what others are saying about you. There are many ways to do that like you can show embedded posts from social media networks, or you can show customer testimonials or you can show social media counter too. Including these credibility factors will build customer trust and improve chances of conversions.

Symptom 4 : Your website sucks at mobile

Don’t let me get started on it. Unless you are living under the rock, you must be aware of the importance of having a mobile friendly website. But if you are not, your website is dangerously anti social. If your website is not accessible to various types of devices, you are losing out  a huge customer base.

mobile friendly website

Solution :

Opt for responsive design.  Make sure that your website is well optimized for desktops as well as mobile devices. Read this article to find out the secret of creating a seamless mobile experience. Some points that you should take care of are :

  • Simplify registration
  • Make the navigation easy
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Select font size, design, etc while keeping in mind mobile users.


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