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Monday 16 May 2016

Tactics to Boost Traffic on WordPress Website!

The role of social media is very important in increasing the number of visitors to the website. It is also necessary to improve ranking. You can increase your brand awareness and improves the visibility of your business website at very fast and economical manner by using social media platforms. To get the maximum benefits of social media you have to integrate your website with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Here I am getting to mention some social referral tips to boost up your WordPress traffic:

Add Social Media Follow Buttons

Adding social media follow buttons to the website is one of the  most effective ways to boost your website and encourage users to follow you on Twitter or like your online business page on Facebook. Add all necessary social follow buttons that suit best to your business website or on which most of your users are engaged with. But add only those sharing buttons that are most relevant to your business website.

Add WordPress Social  Sharing Buttons

People share those things that they realize attention-grabbing and informative and additionally simple to share. WordPress social share buttons allow your guests to distribute your content on their favorite social media website in simply one click of a mouse. Place your sharing buttons in such a position that they are easy to find. You can also add floating social share buttons.

Use the Power of WordPress Plugins

WordPress is very famous and well-known for its plugins. There are several plugins for totally different functions, so it is very important for you to implement the most appropriate WordPress plugin on your website. For instance,with the help of  Facebook commenting plugin, the user can make comments on  your website directly from their Facebook account.

These are some helpful tips that can assist you to make your WordPress website social media friendly and will increase traffic.


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