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Wednesday 10 June 2015

Five Facebook marketing mistakes that must be avoided

Now a days, having the need of a Facebook page for your business is more of the need of hour. But creating a Facebook page for your business is only half of the battle. Maintaining the Facebook page by regularly updating is also equally important. There are many questions like when you should post? How often you should post? What you should post? and many more. Without proper understanding of these points, marketers cannot be able to a authority Facebook page for your business.

Facebook marketing mistakes

To solve this issue, here I have listed down five common Facebook marketing mistakes that must be avoided at any cost :

1. Not being consistent :

One of the most common mistakes often  made is to not being consistent in posting. Creating a page but not being consistent will take your page nowhere. Always be regular with posting but not too often. Instead of posting too much useless content, select some good interesting posts and update them on your page consistently.

2. Avoiding negative comments or feedbacks :

Another common mistake that most of the marketers commit. Never avoid negative feedbacks or comments as it will leave the impression that you don't care about your audience. Always respond to comments of your audience as it will make your page more interactive. Respond to them in the most humble way and write informative answers that can solve their query.

3. Being too pushy :

Being too pushy while posting on Facebook is a strict no. When it comes to Facebook, users want informative and interesting content instead of some selling advertisement. In the latest algorithm update, Facebook itself has clearly declared that it is going to ban overly promotional pages from news feed of users. If you want to do branding with Facebook, you will have to think smarter. Instead of updating about the products, you need to post interesting things about the products they care about. For ex, if your business is related to tour and travels, you can post about the beautiful places to travel instead of your tour packages.

4. Posting lengthy updates :

No doubt writing lengthy informative content will bring you higher ranking in search engine result page, but with Facebook, you need to be as short and to the point as possible. Nobody has got time to read a 10 lines long update. Status updates which are less than 250 characters long receive 60% higher engagement than longer posts. (Source) So keep your post short, simple and to the point.

5. Not participating in contests and groups :

Facebook contests are efficient means of boosting engagement and popularity of your business. You can organize photo contest on your Facebook page as they are extremely popular. Also Facebook groups can boost reach of your business. All that you need to do is to find relevant groups as per your business niche and post informative content there on regular basis.

So friends, here are some most common Facebook marketing mistakes that every marketer must avoid at any cost. If you know about some other common Facebook marketing mistakes, make sure to let us know in the comments below.


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