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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

3 step guide : From anonymous visitors to known customers

Anonymous Visitors

In order to reach out to the visitors in the hope of conversions, it is a must for marketers to understand their audience. Without understand who they are, there is no way you can convince them to convert. In this article I have mentioned three steps to convert your anonymous visitors into known customers.
  • Eliminate the hurdles of traditional registration :

    Users arrive on your website with some specific action in their mind like buying a product or downloading an ebook or reading content. Anything that comes in between is the big hurdle in conversions. Registration is one such hurdle that turn off visitors. But then you ask, “But how do I get user data without asking them for register?”User data holds great importance for business, but shockingly, 88% users provide incorrect information in registration forms plus in this hectic era, who has got the time to fill those long sign up forms?

    This clearly indicates that the time has finally arrived to ditch those long registration forms and allowing visitors to authenticate themselves using their existing social identity. The process is convenient and allows users to convert with a single click. The easier the process of sign up the more people will convert. Apart from that, social sign in provides businesses access to reliable user profile data that helps in creating more personalized experience.
  • Make the website mobile friendly :

    The mobile age has finally arrived and if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile devices, it is something to worry about. With around 50.3% traffic on a ecom site arrives from mobile devices, it is one area that’s hard to ignore. So if your website is not optimized for these mobile users, you are already losing out half of the traffic when you are not even started yet.

    To solve this problem, businesses must make their website mobile optimized by opting for responsive design that works for all kind of devices. Also allow visitors to sign in via their social media accounts as we all know how frustrating it can be to fill a long form with those small keys. Other tips to make a website mobile friendly are :
    1. Including viewport meta tag
    2. Optimizing button size and font size as per device
    3. Using high resolution images
    4. removing default zoom option
  • Implement single sign on :

    If you think driving registration across one web property is difficult, think about the brands that own multiple domains. The challenge will be multiple times tough. But implementing Single Sign On can help them out.

    SSO lets visitors to authenticate just once and then they are free to move across all your web properties. This process eliminates the need to sign in on all web properties owned by a single brand.

A website can drive millions of visitors everyday but it won’t be able to convert them if their strategies are not meeting customer expectations. For marketers, driving traffic to the site is only half of the battle. But to get revenue, they require efficient strategies to convert anonymous visitors into known customers. Above mentioned three strategies will help you out to recognize anonymous site visitors and nurture them over the time.


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