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Tuesday 20 December 2016

Managing customers via identity management: Knowing customers made easy

Growing customers is every business's dream and they work hard for it. No one really understands at the beginning about problems which arose due to increase in customers.
With increment in customers, resources starts to become less for maintaining and analyzing customers, leading to shortfall of proper results.

Customers are the only key to generate outcomes and test something new, so it makes customers the centric point of every decision. Even adoption of processes and technologies in business is on the basis of customer type.

What identity management does?
Identity management is part of many technologies corresponding to their ways of appreciating and implementing identity.
Identity management as service helps in managing identities of customers and making it accessible to service and other services associated with it.

Identity management mainly includes the following:

* User account repository - It is a central repository of user account information that many systems can access, enabling centralized control of user accounts.

* User role definitions - It’s the grouping of users by function or role which enables role-based permissions and access authorization.

* Account provisioning and deactivation.

* Authorization management - It is a system for managing user access to resources by user, group or role.
* User management workflow - It is the ability to define a process for user management that includes multiple levels of delegation, review and approval.

* Authentication - It is a system for authenticating users against credentials

* Authorization - a system for evaluating whether a specific user can access a specific resource in a specific manner.
* Auditing - a system for recording user access to resources for security purposes.

How businesses can use Identity Management?
Customer Identity Management is a platform which utilizes identity management as a key service for generating insights. There are 600 data points which are collected from users and based on those datapoints, customer insights is generated.
Generated insights are just like knowing customers in person. Business can get to know about their customer type and drive decisions according to them.

Identity management has made managing identities simpler and as add on to other service and platforms, it is increasing their potential and profiting users.


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