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Friday 25 November 2016

How to make your startup go viral: Easiest way to do it!

So you own a Startup but it hasn’t gone viral yet. Wondering what is missing from your marketing playbook? Chances are that you are still holding the old-school advertising schemes to be publicly visible. And the problem become worse when you see average or low quality products getting attention and you are not even in the race. But when you have a deeper look you will understand there are certain patterns that make these small brands big game changers.

Getting people to talk about your product is a must in today’s market. You will not be able to fight with the noise in your industry if you can not make people to advertise for you. Though I completely agree that this will take huge experiments and understanding of what’s really there behind the grand success of small startups.

Below are a couple of strategies that you should try to get your product go viral. So just check them out:

Build a sense of uniqueness!

To build a world-wide presence, you primarily start with the local awareness. Spreading your brand’s name on the mouth of the world doesn’t happen online, but it starts from someone telling another at work or at some bar. Suppose you own some IT companies in Vancouver then your first motto should include the mandatory presence of your company among the several other local Vancouver startups. Even the Facebook did it by starting on individual college campuses.

To do this with your product, give its access to only a small group of people and insist them to keep it a secret. As you very well know that everyone sucks at keeping secrets, they are most likely to share about your brand with their close friends. And that’s where you win the game.

Associate your product with something else!

Whenever I go for a movie, a popcorn tub by default comes along with. In the same way whenever I go to supermarket for a packet of bread, pack of butter automatically comes in my mind. This is because these products are completely dependent on each other. Well this can be proved as a great strategy to associate other products to build a brand for your own.

Just give it a thorough inspection when your product is most useful for your customers or what other products the customer would be using along with your product. And when you are marketing your product try to make a connection with these products and force your customers to think about your product in certain scenarios.

Leverage your presence in existing networks!

Do remember you can’t force anyone to share an activity via their personal social media accounts. They will do it if they want to do it. But what one can do is to suggest them sharing at the right moment of the user flow. Here you can take take advantage of auto-shares just like does. It allows you to share your content to 8 other platforms automatically and that’s exactly what you want for maximum reach.

So here are some basic tactics to kick start a marketing campaign for a local business site. Drop your suggestion in the comments box below to drive it further.


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