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Tuesday 6 September 2016

Tindering your Customers

Are you on Tinder? Yes I am.
If you are not, you probably might have heard about it from colleagues or friends or may be your partner. Users swipe Right to hop on to someone’s dating wagon and left to say B’Bye to the call.

Same is in the case of customers. Customers also do let and right in realtime. They left swipe to those which are not appealing just like tinder profiles. A man with a clean shave , pretty smile...oh has a dog too...  Right Right Right !!!   An attractive woman….Righhh...OH  I see a man...Left Left !!

Tinder and real world resembles somewhere. Customers are the profiles and they resemble same properties as a Tinder profile does. Correlating may be quite difficult at this paragraph, but in the end you will get the logic behind.

Let’s Discuss some Tinder Rules which are interesting and are applicable for both the worlds, whether you are on Tinder or making business strategy.

Rule No 1: It requires more than to be Pretty: Tinder is all about Pics, the First Impression. Standing with lot’s of girls? The only guy in the picture !! Friendzonedddd!!! Swipe Left.
More often people are in such a haste to be in the dating Wagon, they forget the importance of their profile image.

Same is with the marketers. A new product is just launched and they unpurposely approve sanctions which fastens the process of delivery and product Posters/ Design is one of it.
Who wants to buy a Beard Oil with yellow green background ?!
Whatever you sale/provide, the first impression should be appealing, just like a guy standing with lots of girls holding one of them from her waist.

Rule No 2: Keep it Straight: Profiles are just the name and images, so it is better to keep profile details short and “want to know more”. “I like skydiving on my weekends with my buddies and cooking” sound less appealing compared to “A Skydiver and a Chef in Learning !”.

Same is with the marketing. Keep introductory description short, to the point but not too informative. You can vary the introduction according to type of your audience, i.e. are they old age or technically sound or are marketers etc. A regular customer profile management can help you overcome the challenge of  segregating your customers.

Rule No 3: The Turnoffs: Let’s say you got lucky and you got right swiped. You now has an option to send them a message or move on. You choose to send them a message..”You have Beautiful eyes, Silky Curly Hairs, your lips are…” “Blocked till Death.!!”.

In marketing terms your ad get get’s clicked and you now have a chance to say Hi to them, deliver what you want to deliver.

Don't be dull in your second impression, as i mentioned above keep it simple but appealing. Don't make your customers bounce from your landing page. Fulfil the promise you made to the customers and leave them with more questions in mind.

A Simple “Hi, Irine, How are you? :)” can make a miracles.


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