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Tuesday 13 September 2016

Booming your Local Business While you Talk

Local businesses are still a need for people in world of ecommerce.
Ecommerce adds a convenience of choosing variety of products, new brands, exported brands without leaving their home or office.
Easily the order can be delivered to any part of the world with accessibility of delivery provider.
An additional benefit for customers is that they can choose to play while they receive the order and can return if they are dissatisfied with the product.
Ecommerces use customer identity platform to know their customers identities and serve better by analyzing those profiles.

For local businesses, say it’s a bakery shop or a grocery store, don't have have much budget to create and maintain an online store. Even local businesses with chains on different locations cannot afford or risk to have their own online store as they may deviate from their physical store.

What makes it almost impossible to own an ecommerce store for local business?
  • Development Costs: It requires a dedicated team to develop an in house ecommerce store which is costly. Outsourcing it to a company is solution but it has some challenges too, like late delivery, miscommunication etc.
  • Technical Errors: There comes a time when due to heavy traffic or backend processes, technical errors arise or sometimes transaction errors happen due to misconfiguration. Support generally takes up some hours, probably days to  get to a solution.

    So how can such local stores achieve good sales without spending a single penny and on their own?
    Social Media is a good platform to interact with the audience and customers. With the help of social media, store owners can create their own page, locate themselves on social media and invite local members to join them. Things don’t end here, maintaining social activity is also necessary.|
    Do keep in mind, everything which you share should be able to communicate to the audience. A dead end post is likely to remain dead in terms of interaction.

    More you interact, more you get to know about the feedback of your area.
    Share discounts on Social Media, run promotional  campaign offline and promote it online.

    Campaigns are one of the best sources of knowing your customers, the more you ask then on different phases , the more your business will adapt and grow with varying audience and customers.

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