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Tuesday 2 August 2016

How restaurants are using modern technology to woo customers?

Technology is on the rise in all sectors, and restaurants are no exception. Now, we’re not talking about those buzzers that you get to notify you when your table is ready, we’re talking apps, tablets, and a multitude of other things that are bringing restaurants into the tech field. Keep reading below for a couple of the innovations we feel are really making a difference in the dining experience.

1. Apps such as OpenTable:
Trying to find a place to eat dinner, especially in bigger cities, can be a pain, especially if you don’t feel like waiting 30+ minutes for a table. OpenTable alleviates some of that stress by letting diners check the app to see if there are tables available at a particular restaurant.

2. Tablets at the table:
We’re beginning to see chains, such as Applebee’s, use tablets at their tables which allow customers to order food, pay their tabs, and even play games while waiting for their food. This has the double benefit of giving restaurants a better, more efficient way, of tracking ordering data and trends to see what is, and isn’t working.

3. Charging stations at your table:
We’re not talking about just having outlets available to customers, we’re talking dedicated devices for charging your devices that fit in with the restaurant’s decor.Chef Charger offers candle holders, salt and pepper holders, and even coasters that double as mobile charging docks for your devices. They’re gorgeous, and if you didn’t know that they were chargers, they would look like any other decorative, or functional, piece of the table setup. Because, how else are we supposed to Instagram our dinner if our phone is dying?

4. Drones:
Ahh, yes, everyone’s favorite subject. Dominos began testing drone delivery services in 2013, and with the amount of venture capital being thrown at drone companies, don’t be surprised if we start seeing companies offer delivery in a whole new way.

5. “Surge” Pricing at Restaurants:
Akin to the “Surge” rates that Uber uses to gauge pricing for fares, that same technology is being tested in the restaurant field. Depending on the night and the amount of people at a particular restaurant, prices could fluctuate based on these factors.

Restaurants aren’t going anywhere, and neither is tech, so it’s only natural that sectors adapt to it. While there will still be dining establishments that pride themselves on a disconnect from tech, others out there will surely adopt many of the innovations listed above. Couple that with things like facial recognition software that is on the rise (that could be used by bartenders on a packed night) and it is an exciting time to be in the restaurant business.


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