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Sunday 31 July 2016

Are social media signals important in your SEO marketing campaign

Every business owner or marketing manager strives to find the next best thing that will help launch their business to the next level. In fact, the savvy business owner knows and understands that technology is here to stay and in order to succeed going forward, they must be on board with all technology driven marketing, including social media.

While social media has become the craze over the last several years, many businesses are still reluctant to embrace social media. However, many businesses are adopting the newest SEO marketing techniques that involve social media sharing that help businesses to share their content, products or services with their customers and users. You are probably asking yourself right now, what are social signals. Social signals, is just a new term that has been devised to describe activity done by social media users. It is thought that this activity can help advance web content and includes activity across multiple social media platforms. For example, it may include Facebook shares or likes, retweets on Twitter, or plus 1’s on other social platforms.

As this new term is being used, many business owners and marketing consultants are confused about what it really means. In fact, there has been a lot of confusion and discussion about this topic over the last several years, causing confusion among many, even industry leaders. In turn, many are changing how they structure their social media marketing, thinking that the changes will rank them higher on Google searches. The fact remains that social signals is nothing new – just a new term. Nothing has changed in regards to how social media is ranked on Google.

Yes, social media is important to your overall marketing campaign, and should be a part of it. However, if you are under the assumption that your social media efforts alone will rank you high in Google searches, you are mistaken. Google’s algorithms, have not changed recently. They are still based on value added, rich content. Yes, likes and shares are important on your social media marketing campaign, as this gives you additional exposure to potential customers.

The best of both worlds would be to provide content on your social media sites that will allow Google to crawl your social media platform and help increase your rankings. So the question on whether social media signals are important to your SEO marketing campaign, is yes. Yes, it is important to help improve your rankings and attract customers, but your social media marketing campaign must be done properly. Give your customers (and Google) what they want – write content based posts that will have not only your customers sharing your posts, but Google will index it and rank you higher.

Remember, continue to blog about topics you would like to get ranked for. Join conversations online that are relevant to your industry, and keep it all consistent. If there is anything that Google likes to see in order to rank you higher in the search engines it is 1 work: Consistency.

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