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Thursday 21 July 2016

Reasons: Why Business Must Deploy Single Sign-On?

Do you have an online business? If yes, then how many websites do you have that are associated with your business? More than one? Yes! Then how your customers and users are authenticating themselves to multiple websites of your business? Is it by login separately to each of the website? If the answer is yes, then you are in a big trouble, my friend. You immediately need to take some step regarding providing a frictionless login to your customers.

Having multiple websites means multiple usernames and passwords to login. Authentication to multiple websites using separate credentials is annoying for customers and users. By doing this you are forcing your customers to create more usernames and passwords and to remember them too. Is it not enough reason for them to leave your websites?
Now you must be wondering how you can avoid the situation. Simply by providing a seamless and quick authentication to users you can convince them to stick to our business. The question arises here is how? How can you do that?

Do you ever hear about Single Sign-On technique? It is a technique that is going to help you to overcome from this critical situation. With Web single sign-on(WSSO), users do not have to sign-in each time when they are authenticating themselves with different websites of yours. That means only by authenticating themselves to a website they get a permission to access all of your related websites. Sounds great! Right? But there are other benefits also you can enjoy if you implement single sign-on technology to your websites.  

By providing an easy login to the websites, you are improving the user experience. User experience is something that matters the most for the website owner. Good user experience leads to more leads and boosts up sales and profit.
Single sign-on is the safest user authentication process to the website. It is very hard for data thieves to steal users data because the SSO system is based on Security Assertion Markup Language(SAML). The technique also reduces password fatigue since users only need to remember a single set of ID credential to access number of websites. For businesses, it is helping in reducing the cost of support help desk by reducing the number of calls requesting for password reset. As I already told that it provides a quick and reliable access to websites and saves users time, this results in more productivity as users now can focus more on websites rather than remembering passwords.

So, what are you thinking? If you want to enjoy all the benefits that are mentioned above and want your business to be on top of your niche, you need to implement this awesome technology today itself.


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