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Tuesday 26 July 2016

Protect yourself and your information with a VPN

We've already talked about data protection and security at the enterprise level, but what about for the typical Internet user? What's out there to protect them? There are multiple options available for small businesses meant to protect their workers while on the go, but what about for just personal, non-work use? The options are not as plentiful. One option that is available, however, is Hotspot Shield and it is available across PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. It starts at the wonderful cost of free, with a paid version available for even more protection and customization. At its core, Hotspot Shield's main purpose is to protect your privacy across multiple devices and connections.

One of the alternative of protecting users data and their credentials is implementing single sign-on method (SSO). The method is based on highly secured SAML technique. SSO allows one click login to multiple websites of same business using one ID credential.

Using Hotspot Shield's Virtual Private Network (VPN), users can hide their IP address. The program uses HTTPS encryption to save you and your information across the web, including sensitive information like password and  credit card numbers. Due to your newfound anonymity, you'll even be able to view blocked websites and take full advantage of streaming programs like Netflix by setting your VPN to a different country. To set your VPN to a specific country, however, you will have to purchase the Elite version of Hotspot Shield.

One of Hotspot Shield's main benefits is just protecting your data when on public Wi-Fi. By encrypting your data, it keeps potential prying eyes from seeing your activity. This includes that Facebook message from your mom, as well as more serious information like usernames and passwords information. While it's rare that someone will be looking to invade the average Joe or Jane's computer on a public Wi-Fi connection, it's not unheard of. On top of that, Hotspot Shield offers users malware protection when browsing the web, and the Elite (paid) version will even warn users of potential phishing threats.

Constant network protection is not something many of us "normal" Internet users ever really think about. As long as you have a solid password, you're safe, right? Well, sadly, that just isn't the case anymore. Attacks can come from anywhere, even that Starbucks you like to hang out in to surf Tumblr and buy random items off of Amazon. Using a product like Hotspot Shield can help protect you from hackers, scammers, and even those annoying spammers. With minimal effect on connection speeds (it has actually helped some users' speeds), and a free version available, it's worth trying out.


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