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Friday 10 June 2016

WP Mistakes You Need To Stay Away!

Developing a website by using WordPress platform  is very easy and one can simply begin his/her blogging career. Availability of thousands of plugins makes our task easier and time-saving. One with basic knowledge of website developing can easily handle a website that is made on WordPress. However, there are a variety of common blogging mistakes that is committed by all beginners. We should always need to avoid such mistakes to make our post more reachable and famous.

Here I am going to list down a number of the most common mistakes we tend to do as a beginner and the way we will resolve these mistakes.

Use of Flashy Themes

Who doesn't want his theme to stand out?  It's very important too however sometimes use of flashy themes works opposite for you. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep the theme of your WordPress website as simple as possible because simplicity works the best. There are more than 3000 themes accessible within the WordPress but you need to select the most appropriate theme that best suits and most relevant with your website niche. Another thing that you need to keep in mind while opting for a theme is that it should be mobile responsive.

Not Having Social Sharing Option

Social media sharing is one of the most effective ways to represent yourself or your business among others. If you have not implemented social media sharing buttons on your post then you are simply losing many visitors.
Adding WordPress social media buttons to your blog post will help you to promote your blog post by making it quick and easy for your readers to share your content with their social networks. It provides you a chance to convert your visitors into your brand ambassadors while not paying a single penny. If your guests like your post and want to share it with their social media networks, the social sharing buttons facilitate them to share your content in just a single click of the mouse.

Unoptimized Permalink Structure

Neglecting to alter the default permalink structure and keeping it unoptimized is also one of the common mistakes done by the bloggers. This tiny mistake makes a huge difference. Your default permalink structure for your blog post is like this- “”. It is  not even possible to remember such permalinks. Search engine giant Google and others also don’t like such forms of permalinks. So, optimized your permalinks before posting your content on the blog post.

So, guys! Please avoid such common WordPress blogging mistakes. Try the above mentioned important tips, it'll definitely assist you to enhance traffic on your WordPress blog. If you have any other suggestions apart from this, let me know in the comments.


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