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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Optimizing conversions on your website

A website is the key for most of the businesses today for getting business, which have migrated from offline world to online world. Conversions are something which is one of the crucial metric for which defines goals on internet.

Conversions can be from any source in form of subscriptions, followers , downloads or sales. A website sometimes has a dedicated page, called as landing page so as to convert traffic into lead.
It often causes huge spending for business, for creating an optimized landing page.
As an free alternative to optimizing conversions, we will discuss some of the tips to improve conversion on your website.

Conversion happens because of relevancy. If the content is relevant and is worth, then only someone will opt to its action. Relevancy is cliche but do you know how words can impact conversions? Well heavy words can. They can evoke feelings, the pain points of an visitor, enabling them to take action. Use power words while writing content. Stunning content with breathtaking images will definitely help your visitors to convert.

Lite graphics or minimal graphics on a website is also a spell to conversions. Benefit of lite graphics is that lesser images increases website speed and gives free space for text to breathe. Reader will find it attracting at first glance and while reading. Compare your neat room with before going to party room. Yes you got me now !

Opt to trends but not overdo it. Recently every website is using live chat popping up from either of the corners. With things converting to trends, everyone will start to adapt and like it, most of the times. Do have subscriptions to latest trends regarding your niche or set google alerts to stay alert of latest news on internet, related to design and technology.

Now coming to technical part. Conversions often are targeted to end with signups or purchases, which obviously will need registration or sign-in. A reliable registration service is very much essential in this case, which offers seamless authentication experience to visitors.
Lookout for one who is offering 2factor authentications, it's essential as a security concern for customers.

Increase visitor's trust on your site regarding their data security. Use SSL certificates on your site. The data sent from sender to receiver should be secure, that’s what SSL does.

Keeping in mind these suggestions will definitely help you in optimizing conversions on your website.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Data Gathering in chunks: Business Trends

Data is like Gold, valuable than any other entity in its surrounding. Data in every field is valuable irrespective of medium of access. On internet too data owns the command to drive an entity.
Increase in the usage of internet and internet based technologies,  2.5 Quintillion bytes of data is generated per day.

Depending upon the industry which one deals in, usage of generated data varies.
Online businesses today have variant sources of data generation, some are traditional like organic traffic, direct traffic and some new sources like paid traffic, affiliate traffic, social traffic etc.

Depending upon the traffic received, it goes through analysis, quality analysis.

One of the ways business gets customer data is via registrations. Registration is one of the most relevant way to get first party data, the data which customers itself generates. First party data generally is considered genuine as it is directly coming from customers..

With technology, registration process also has been developed to meet customer demands.
Primarily today there are three ways registrations are done.

Standard login: Standard login is the traditional way of registration, via filling up form. User has to fill up form and submit its data in order to get authentication right to that property. After validation, a username and password is required to authenticate.

Social login: Social login uses social media profile to authenticate to a property. Social login makes use of social api’s released by social media platform for enabling social login to a site.
Once visitor clicks any social icon on social login widget, it is redirected to choice of social media to authenticate. Upon successful login, it is redirected to same property but now is logged in.

OTP login:  OTP login makes use of otp pin to login. Enter email or phone number registered on that web property, upon submission user will receive an OTP which they have to input before time expires.

Registration being first choice, webmasters have opted for progressive profiling.
It is requesting customer data in small chunks, instead of asking whole required information at once.

Generally upon encountering such data begging forms, users tend to exit such websites. To tackle this problem, progressive forms are used. They serve minimalistic interface upon and after getting registered, asking users to submit very short piece of data upon every login.

Gathering data in small chunks does not look tiresome to visitors and is entertained.

This helps in getting required data for customer profiling as well as service personalization.

Businesses have opted it as a trend among themselves and are benefiting from it.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

How to collect customer insights?

Today everyone talks about the importance of knowing your potential customers but no one tells how exactly it can be achieved. No matter what kind of organization you belong to, as a marketer you always need good research report about your prospects. You may face problems like where to begin and how to add values to the information that you managed to get but you need to get going. As ultimately you need to end up with a balance of qualitative and quantitative research knows as valuable customer insights.

Your goal must not be limited to just the statistical observation of a profile but it should also be meant for appreciating the instant behavior of an individual buyer. Generally the research relies upon the customer’s memory that gradually decays. You must have seen people claiming for a company’s ad on TV while the company is not actually boosting out any ad. In such situations internet-based tools are more beneficial as they captures a customer’s reaction at that instant only before memory fades or becomes biased. To help you out the best way possible here is a list of ways that can best go with your task of knowing about prospects. This list includes both online and offline methods so quickly go through the list and share your feedback in the comment section below!

Use Google Alerts/Mention or TalkWalker Alerts:

Leverage the wealth of information available online about prospects, competitors and latest buying patterns. Google Alert is a good option for this. But Google alert is considered unreliable for past few years so try its alternatives like Mention and TalkWalker. They monitor the social media networks and obscure blogs on the query that you created an alert about. With the help of any of these three tools you can immediately know about the latest research in your niche if you have created an alert for that. For marketers it is really a gem as it allows them to monitor key trends, customers and specific prospects.

Interview your current customer-base:

It may appear pretty obvious but when was the last time you talked to your customers. Believe me your current customer base is your perfect resource as they let you know what exactly your service is delivering. Interviewing your customers will not only give you insight about their decision making process but you will get a great content for a case study as well. For every professional firm and service, each customer is unique so talking to customer one on one can be a real game changer that can impose a great impact on your entire marketing strategy.

Have a look at your web analytics:

You can get tons of data through your web analytics tool. You can get an idea about:
  • Patterns of visitors behaviors.
  • Where do they come from?
  • What keyword phrases they are using to find you?
  • How long do they stay on your site?
  • What content formats are most popular?

With all such information you will be able to improve your website and landing pages to attract new visitors and can drastically increase your revenue. Additionally, the answers that you get from such tools and doubts are great inspirations to curate more beneficial marketing strategies.

Keep an eye on your competitors:

Customers are not the only source from where you can get the space for improvements. One should always be in touch with the latest releases or case studies that your competitors have published.  As such studies can be a great source that let you know why audience choose them and not you in the past. So know your failings and improve if it really matters.

Make use of professional social networks:

Professional networks like LinkedIn and Quora or many other related to specific industry are for sure a great opportunity for engagement. Via these platforms you can get better understanding of the daily challenges or successes your prospects are having in many cases. They also give you the chance to discuss in real and there you can get thoughtful responses.You can also put your own confusions on these forums and interact with so many experts over there.

So that’s my opinion what you want to add to this list??

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Managing customers via identity management: Knowing customers made easy

Growing customers is every business's dream and they work hard for it. No one really understands at the beginning about problems which arose due to increase in customers.
With increment in customers, resources starts to become less for maintaining and analyzing customers, leading to shortfall of proper results.

Customers are the only key to generate outcomes and test something new, so it makes customers the centric point of every decision. Even adoption of processes and technologies in business is on the basis of customer type.

What identity management does?
Identity management is part of many technologies corresponding to their ways of appreciating and implementing identity.
Identity management as service helps in managing identities of customers and making it accessible to service and other services associated with it.

Identity management mainly includes the following:

* User account repository - It is a central repository of user account information that many systems can access, enabling centralized control of user accounts.

* User role definitions - It’s the grouping of users by function or role which enables role-based permissions and access authorization.

* Account provisioning and deactivation.

* Authorization management - It is a system for managing user access to resources by user, group or role.
* User management workflow - It is the ability to define a process for user management that includes multiple levels of delegation, review and approval.

* Authentication - It is a system for authenticating users against credentials

* Authorization - a system for evaluating whether a specific user can access a specific resource in a specific manner.
* Auditing - a system for recording user access to resources for security purposes.

How businesses can use Identity Management?
Customer Identity Management is a platform which utilizes identity management as a key service for generating insights. There are 600 data points which are collected from users and based on those datapoints, customer insights is generated.
Generated insights are just like knowing customers in person. Business can get to know about their customer type and drive decisions according to them.

Identity management has made managing identities simpler and as add on to other service and platforms, it is increasing their potential and profiting users.

Friday, 25 November 2016

How to make your startup go viral: Easiest way to do it!

So you own a Startup but it hasn’t gone viral yet. Wondering what is missing from your marketing playbook? Chances are that you are still holding the old-school advertising schemes to be publicly visible. And the problem become worse when you see average or low quality products getting attention and you are not even in the race. But when you have a deeper look you will understand there are certain patterns that make these small brands big game changers.

Getting people to talk about your product is a must in today’s market. You will not be able to fight with the noise in your industry if you can not make people to advertise for you. Though I completely agree that this will take huge experiments and understanding of what’s really there behind the grand success of small startups.

Below are a couple of strategies that you should try to get your product go viral. So just check them out:

Build a sense of uniqueness!

To build a world-wide presence, you primarily start with the local awareness. Spreading your brand’s name on the mouth of the world doesn’t happen online, but it starts from someone telling another at work or at some bar. Suppose you own some IT companies in Vancouver then your first motto should include the mandatory presence of your company among the several other local Vancouver startups. Even the Facebook did it by starting on individual college campuses.

To do this with your product, give its access to only a small group of people and insist them to keep it a secret. As you very well know that everyone sucks at keeping secrets, they are most likely to share about your brand with their close friends. And that’s where you win the game.

Associate your product with something else!

Whenever I go for a movie, a popcorn tub by default comes along with. In the same way whenever I go to supermarket for a packet of bread, pack of butter automatically comes in my mind. This is because these products are completely dependent on each other. Well this can be proved as a great strategy to associate other products to build a brand for your own.

Just give it a thorough inspection when your product is most useful for your customers or what other products the customer would be using along with your product. And when you are marketing your product try to make a connection with these products and force your customers to think about your product in certain scenarios.

Leverage your presence in existing networks!

Do remember you can’t force anyone to share an activity via their personal social media accounts. They will do it if they want to do it. But what one can do is to suggest them sharing at the right moment of the user flow. Here you can take take advantage of auto-shares just like does. It allows you to share your content to 8 other platforms automatically and that’s exactly what you want for maximum reach.

So here are some basic tactics to kick start a marketing campaign for a local business site. Drop your suggestion in the comments box below to drive it further.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to decorate room using themes properly

Many a designer and decorator advise against doing themes because there is a tendency to “lock yourself in” design wise. This is many cases is true. Additionally, theme rooms become dated over time and also if done poorly can come across as tacky, and low budget. There are ways around these problems though and once you apply the correct tips and techniques you can up up with a theme that reflects you, and your passions successfully. If you'd love to decorate in a theme or specific design, these tips are for you.

Educate yourself on the theme. It is important to learn as much as you can about the design you wish to incorporate into your lifestyle. Doing this beforehand will also help you decide if this theme can work with your lifestyle. If you find you're compromising on comfort you may want to use a new strategy. If you love African art, try to learn as much about African art as possible, and develop an eye for it. Study print, color and shapes to help you get that “eye.”
Be as authentic as possible. Try to keep things authentic in color, style and design. Straying too far from this will result in a confused attempt. Once your eye for this theme is well defined and educated you can find accessories, common colors and shapes to get you to where you want to be design-wise. Now it is acknowledged that you may not be able to acquire every authentic accessory, you can at least know the difference between a poorly done knock off and a well done reproduction, budget allowing. It's not necessary that each piece be authentic, but it needs to be true to the design aesthetic.

Avoid one stop shopping. Granted this is a budget friendly approach, but in the long run, too matchy-matchy often comes across as tacky, and preconceived. You don't want the store to design your home and dictate your theme to you. To get around this and spare your budget at the same time, shop around, Take your time to find your pieces. The feel should be as if you traveled the world to find each piece. Also don’t forget to look for best options in order to get that perfect look. Sites like Ebay, Gayatri Fabrics can prove to be a great help to you since they provide you various options in terms of king flat sheets, queen flat sheets, pillow covers, curtains, and more not. Just look for the right product that matches with your theme and right pricing and you are good to go.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Understanding the need of customization in traditional web design

There is one thing that is true about designing, it is constantly evolving.
Design should be dynamic, constantly changing, adapting according to environment so as to cope up with the expectations of diverse world.

Previously in web design stock images were used from a header banner to a sign-up button. Today most of the things have been replaced with things which are more reliable, fast and simpler.
There are several big customizations which have changed the way web designs are created.

Below are some of the customizations which are a trending change in web design industry.

Social Sharing: Social sharing was not that much popular but it has been adopted by every niche having a website. Since it’s a heavy adoption, social share has evolved supporting many social providers, responsiveness in design and even analytics.
They are easy to implement  in site with custom coding or cms based. For Wordpress it gets very easy for social share plugin to install, via plugin directory in admin dashboard.

Hamburger Menu: Responsive design is trending now. A responsive website is not only user friendly because of its adaptability on every screen size device, whether mobile, tablet or big screen mac, but also is a ranking factor in google serp.
Hamburger menu is a very much simplified form of menu. As soon as website loads on devices below certain screen size, it automatically adapts itself into mobile design and menu gets hidden under a hamburger menu. Traditionally hamburger menu is either on left or right but designers can keep it anywhere according to requirements.

Cards: This design format is very familiar to people who use Pinterest. The basis of a card format is that most relevant information about a topic is organized in a single container.
This format is very much popular nowadays in blogger templates and ecommerce templates.
Traditionally posts were in grid format making hard for readers to get a quick view on posts but with card layout it gets very easier to scroll posts while having a quick detailed look about them.

Flat and Materialistic Combination: Material design is Google’s simple layered design. Flat design is a simple alternative to graphics which resembles real counterparts of a design which was developed to facilitate early mobile devices.
Main benefit of this combination is that it decreases loading time for a website with its minimalistic and light graphics. Customization is very much a need now even traditional ethics needs to be upgraded so as to match frequency with time.