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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Reasons: Why Business Must Deploy Single Sign-On?

Do you have an online business? If yes, then how many websites do you have that are associated with your business? More than one? Yes! Then how your customers and users are authenticating themselves to multiple websites of your business? Is it by login separately to each of the website? If the answer is yes, then you are in a big trouble, my friend. You immediately need to take some step regarding providing a frictionless login to your customers.

Having multiple websites means multiple usernames and passwords to login. Authentication to multiple websites using separate credentials is annoying for customers and users. By doing this you are forcing your customers to create more usernames and passwords and to remember them too. Is it not enough reason for them to leave your websites?
Now you must be wondering how you can avoid the situation. Simply by providing a seamless and quick authentication to users you can convince them to stick to our business. The question arises here is how? How can you do that?

Do you ever hear about Single Sign-On technique? It is a technique that is going to help you to overcome from this critical situation. With Web single sign-on(WSSO), users do not have to sign-in each time when they are authenticating themselves with different websites of yours. That means only by authenticating themselves to a website they get a permission to access all of your related websites. Sounds great! Right? But there are other benefits also you can enjoy if you implement single sign-on technology to your websites.  

By providing an easy login to the websites, you are improving the user experience. User experience is something that matters the most for the website owner. Good user experience leads to more leads and boosts up sales and profit.
Single sign-on is the safest user authentication process to the website. It is very hard for data thieves to steal users data because the SSO system is based on Security Assertion Markup Language(SAML). The technique also reduces password fatigue since users only need to remember a single set of ID credential to access number of websites. For businesses, it is helping in reducing the cost of support help desk by reducing the number of calls requesting for password reset. As I already told that it provides a quick and reliable access to websites and saves users time, this results in more productivity as users now can focus more on websites rather than remembering passwords.

So, what are you thinking? If you want to enjoy all the benefits that are mentioned above and want your business to be on top of your niche, you need to implement this awesome technology today itself.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Things You Must Keep In Mind While Going For Two Wheeler Insurance

Purchasing a vehicle of your decision is the joy that can’t be described in words. In any case, as you purchase your fantasy auto or bicycle, it's additionally essential that you guarantee its wellbeing and security. This is the reason you ought to have scope set up to guarantee that you don't need to confront any monetary hardships, if there is any terrible incident.

Keep in mind, on the off chance that you have a decent protection insurance, then, it can repay you for the misfortune against mischances and robberies, which can happen at whatever time with no notice. Nonetheless, it's critical that you search for different choices and look at the quotes before you settle on a choice. Likewise, in the event that you purchase an arrangement from a presumed and tried and true organization, your bike protection case will be settled opportune with no bothers. The whole procedure will be extremely straightforward. After the mischance or incident, you will need to take your bicycle or bike to the permitted repairman and relying upon his estimation, the organization will repay you.

On the off chance that, your bicycle or bike has been stolen, then it's an imperative that you document a police grumbling, at exactly that point, the insurance company can begin the method. Once the organization confirms that there is no fake activity included, the case check is given over to the proprietor. Additionally, your approach will proceed after the disaster or mishap. In any case, in certain cases, some organizations charge more for reestablishment thinking about the extra risk of mischance with proprietor. Alongside this, there are sure focuses that will help you cruise through the whole system easily!

• The harm, misfortune or the burglary ought to be accounted for to the safeguards promptly; additionally to the police, if required

• Receive the case structure from the safety net provider in the wake of furnishing him with the important data

• Fill and present the finished frame together with a guess of the misfortune to the safety net provider

• After this, the organization will compose an examination of the harmed things to assess the misfortune. Now and then, if the misfortunes are excessively grave, then, an expert authorized surveyor is designated

• You need to supply the mandatory archives to check the measure of misfortune

• If you are not ready to set up the reason of misfortune, then, you need to build up that the misfortune or harm has happened because of a secured peril

• After this, the case is settled after you and your organization concede to a sum

Remember all these components, purchase the strategy frame a decent organization and you will never have issues settling the bike protection claim.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Deadly Mistakes That Kill Your Social Media Strategies

For businesses especially for online businesses, social media plays an important role in promoting their brand. Businesses do their analysis, hire consultants and lots more to utilize the power of social media for their business. However many  times, businesses make a number of deadly mistakes while using social media that stops them from getting success. Read the article to know what are such mistakes and how you can avoid those mistakes to boost your business.

Lack of social sharing buttons

Yes, there may be no doubt in that you are working on different social media platforms to promote your brand among more customers but it doesn’t mean that you do not need to add social media share buttons on your website. Adding WordPress social share plugin to your website makes your content more reachable by allowing your readers to share it with their social networks if they find it worth to share. Adding social sharing buttons can facilitate your users to spread your word which helps in driving more social media referrals and improve social presence of your brand.

Having accounts on all social networks

Having accounts on social media networks to promote your business is must but having an account on all social media platforms that are not necessary from your business point of view is not a good decision. It only leads to a state of confusion. To get expected results you need to be selective. Select social media platforms that are useful from your business point. Analyze your audience, customer, readers where they are  hanging out, what are the social media on which they are mostly online and what is the most preferred social media platform of your targeted audience then select your media networks accordingly.

Irregular posting

The time of posting your content on different social media platforms is very important. One should pay special attention on the timings. Not all of your audience is online on every social media network at the same time. Each social media network has its own peak timings when it drives most engagement. Do a research on the best timing to post on particular social media platform then post your content, so that it should reach out to the maximum audience.

These are the three most deadly mistakes that one should avoid while making social media strategies for business marketing.

Friday, 10 June 2016

WP Mistakes You Need To Stay Away!

Developing a website by using WordPress platform  is very easy and one can simply begin his/her blogging career. Availability of thousands of plugins makes our task easier and time-saving. One with basic knowledge of website developing can easily handle a website that is made on WordPress. However, there are a variety of common blogging mistakes that is committed by all beginners. We should always need to avoid such mistakes to make our post more reachable and famous.

Here I am going to list down a number of the most common mistakes we tend to do as a beginner and the way we will resolve these mistakes.

Use of Flashy Themes

Who doesn't want his theme to stand out?  It's very important too however sometimes use of flashy themes works opposite for you. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep the theme of your WordPress website as simple as possible because simplicity works the best. There are more than 3000 themes accessible within the WordPress but you need to select the most appropriate theme that best suits and most relevant with your website niche. Another thing that you need to keep in mind while opting for a theme is that it should be mobile responsive.

Not Having Social Sharing Option

Social media sharing is one of the most effective ways to represent yourself or your business among others. If you have not implemented social media sharing buttons on your post then you are simply losing many visitors.
Adding WordPress social media buttons to your blog post will help you to promote your blog post by making it quick and easy for your readers to share your content with their social networks. It provides you a chance to convert your visitors into your brand ambassadors while not paying a single penny. If your guests like your post and want to share it with their social media networks, the social sharing buttons facilitate them to share your content in just a single click of the mouse.

Unoptimized Permalink Structure

Neglecting to alter the default permalink structure and keeping it unoptimized is also one of the common mistakes done by the bloggers. This tiny mistake makes a huge difference. Your default permalink structure for your blog post is like this- “”. It is  not even possible to remember such permalinks. Search engine giant Google and others also don’t like such forms of permalinks. So, optimized your permalinks before posting your content on the blog post.

So, guys! Please avoid such common WordPress blogging mistakes. Try the above mentioned important tips, it'll definitely assist you to enhance traffic on your WordPress blog. If you have any other suggestions apart from this, let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

4 Traffic Driving Tactics for Websites

Driving traffic to your website is considered as easy or a tricky task. If you create an accurate strategy and work consequently then it is an easy task but if you don’t organize things then it's very robust for you to drive traffic. Today marketing teams are trying their best to drive a traffic to their business website because website traffic is directly associated with sales and conversion.

In this article, I am going to explain you some simple, however, effective methods which can help you in driving traffic to your WordPress website.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is an effective way of engaging interaction. Commenting on a post of different bloggers is one amongst the best methods to make relationships with different bloggers and get backlinks and a good amount of traffic. Choose such blogs that are almost similar to your niche and add your valuable comment to the article that adds value to the post.

Utilize Power of Social Media

Social media is one among the most powerful weapon to push service or brand or post globally among more people. With the help of several social media platforms, one will merely improve his social presence. There are plenty of social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. which will assist you to improve your reach and drive traffic to your website.

Social Share Plugins

A social share plugin is an important tool that allows your users to share your service or post with their social networks. It's quite difficult for your readers to open a fresh tab and paste your content then share it, in this situation adding social sharing buttons makes the task straightforward that enables users to share it with merely one click of a mouse.


Infographics are one amongst the most effective ways to drive website traffic. Attractive and interesting infographic grab users attention and drive them to your business website. However making an excellent infographic is incredibly very time-consuming. Even if you know a way to build infographics then also you need a lot of time and effort to create an infographic with best relevant info.

Therefore, these are the most effective ways of driving an excellent number of traffic to your business website. If you've got any necessary tips in your mind, let me know in the comments below.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Stay Away From These Common WordPress Mistakes!

Every day we tend to come across with a variety of articles on why you need to come upon your next post on WordPress or how  you can  install WordPress or some tips or ways to get started on WordPress. Many people know how to use WordPress, however, have you given the thought to the mistakes you must avoid while using or working on WordPress? In this article,  I am going to list down some of such mistakes.

Not Adding Social Sharing Button

Social media is one of the most significant tool  these days to promote business. If you're not using social media platforms to promote your business then you have already lost a battle. People are using varied social media platforms to share everything regarding their product, content, blogs and lots more. Implementing social media sharing buttons give an opportunity to your users or readers to share your content, products or services with their social network.  

Adding Unwanted Plugins

There are more than thousands of plugins available that we can install to our WordPress website and we all love plugins because they simplify our tasks however the excessive quantity of something isn’t good! Adding several plugins not only weighs down the website but also causes many issues that you may unable to resolve if you’re unsure which plugin is not operating. Therefore, it is safe to limit yourself with the essential WordPress plugins.

Forgetting to Create Backup

Another common mistake we commit is not taking backup of our WordPress website. Most of the organisation notice the importance of backups only when they lose their most precious data. It is highly recommended to backup your data on regular intervals. The chances of website crashes make it necessary to possess an accurate backup as a result of nothing is 100% secure in the era of technology. Several tools like export for  and phpMyAdmin for can facilitate the user to form backup.

So these are some of the mistakes typically we make while working on WordPress. What are the other common mistakes that we need to avoid? Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Tips to Improve Social Media Referrals

Social media plays an important role in business exposure. The more effort you make on social media,  leads to more traffic and conversion on the website. Ninety two percent marketers believe that social media helps their business to grow at an awfully quicker rate. Therefore, it is no wrong to mention that you are missing a vital strategy of promoting your brand if you do not use social media platforms and referrals.
So, marketers need to make a special strategy for social media referrals. In this article, I'm aiming to explain some necessary tips that may assist you out.

The quick and easy to share content is the initial and foremost factor needed to extend referral traffic on your website. People can share your content if they find it fascinating and easy to share. You'll be able to convert your visitors  into your brand ambassadors by providing the convenience of sharing your content among their social network with the help of social sharing buttons. Adding social media sharing buttons on your website is one of the simplest ways to bring social referral traffic.

Get involved in Conversion

Today social media is one of the quickest and best ways to induce updates from everywhere. Marketers are well aware of the importance of becoming a part of the most recent buzz to boost their brand awareness. Marketers can simply understand the most recent trends on Facebook and Twitter in  trends section. All you need to do is to keep an eye on the most recent trends and participate in the buzz.

Provide social based commenting

Providing social based commenting is also a vital approach of obtaining social media referrals. By allowing  users to comment using their social media accounts makes the method easy and fast. It improves the user expertise also. Quara, Viafoura etc. are some samples of the websites that are using social commenting.

So, these are some tips to extend social referral on your website. If you've any other tips that I forgot to mention, let me know in the comments below.