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Friday, 25 November 2016

How to make your startup go viral: Easiest way to do it!

So you own a Startup but it hasn’t gone viral yet. Wondering what is missing from your marketing playbook? Chances are that you are still holding the old-school advertising schemes to be publicly visible. And the problem become worse when you see average or low quality products getting attention and you are not even in the race. But when you have a deeper look you will understand there are certain patterns that make these small brands big game changers.

Getting people to talk about your product is a must in today’s market. You will not be able to fight with the noise in your industry if you can not make people to advertise for you. Though I completely agree that this will take huge experiments and understanding of what’s really there behind the grand success of small startups.

Below are a couple of strategies that you should try to get your product go viral. So just check them out:

Build a sense of uniqueness!

To build a world-wide presence, you primarily start with the local awareness. Spreading your brand’s name on the mouth of the world doesn’t happen online, but it starts from someone telling another at work or at some bar. Suppose you own some IT companies in Vancouver then your first motto should include the mandatory presence of your company among the several other local Vancouver startups. Even the Facebook did it by starting on individual college campuses.

To do this with your product, give its access to only a small group of people and insist them to keep it a secret. As you very well know that everyone sucks at keeping secrets, they are most likely to share about your brand with their close friends. And that’s where you win the game.

Associate your product with something else!

Whenever I go for a movie, a popcorn tub by default comes along with. In the same way whenever I go to supermarket for a packet of bread, pack of butter automatically comes in my mind. This is because these products are completely dependent on each other. Well this can be proved as a great strategy to associate other products to build a brand for your own.

Just give it a thorough inspection when your product is most useful for your customers or what other products the customer would be using along with your product. And when you are marketing your product try to make a connection with these products and force your customers to think about your product in certain scenarios.

Leverage your presence in existing networks!

Do remember you can’t force anyone to share an activity via their personal social media accounts. They will do it if they want to do it. But what one can do is to suggest them sharing at the right moment of the user flow. Here you can take take advantage of auto-shares just like does. It allows you to share your content to 8 other platforms automatically and that’s exactly what you want for maximum reach.

So here are some basic tactics to kick start a marketing campaign for a local business site. Drop your suggestion in the comments box below to drive it further.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to decorate room using themes properly

Many a designer and decorator advise against doing themes because there is a tendency to “lock yourself in” design wise. This is many cases is true. Additionally, theme rooms become dated over time and also if done poorly can come across as tacky, and low budget. There are ways around these problems though and once you apply the correct tips and techniques you can up up with a theme that reflects you, and your passions successfully. If you'd love to decorate in a theme or specific design, these tips are for you.

Educate yourself on the theme. It is important to learn as much as you can about the design you wish to incorporate into your lifestyle. Doing this beforehand will also help you decide if this theme can work with your lifestyle. If you find you're compromising on comfort you may want to use a new strategy. If you love African art, try to learn as much about African art as possible, and develop an eye for it. Study print, color and shapes to help you get that “eye.”
Be as authentic as possible. Try to keep things authentic in color, style and design. Straying too far from this will result in a confused attempt. Once your eye for this theme is well defined and educated you can find accessories, common colors and shapes to get you to where you want to be design-wise. Now it is acknowledged that you may not be able to acquire every authentic accessory, you can at least know the difference between a poorly done knock off and a well done reproduction, budget allowing. It's not necessary that each piece be authentic, but it needs to be true to the design aesthetic.

Avoid one stop shopping. Granted this is a budget friendly approach, but in the long run, too matchy-matchy often comes across as tacky, and preconceived. You don't want the store to design your home and dictate your theme to you. To get around this and spare your budget at the same time, shop around, Take your time to find your pieces. The feel should be as if you traveled the world to find each piece. Also don’t forget to look for best options in order to get that perfect look. Sites like Ebay, Gayatri Fabrics can prove to be a great help to you since they provide you various options in terms of king flat sheets, queen flat sheets, pillow covers, curtains, and more not. Just look for the right product that matches with your theme and right pricing and you are good to go.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Understanding the need of customization in traditional web design

There is one thing that is true about designing, it is constantly evolving.
Design should be dynamic, constantly changing, adapting according to environment so as to cope up with the expectations of diverse world.

Previously in web design stock images were used from a header banner to a sign-up button. Today most of the things have been replaced with things which are more reliable, fast and simpler.
There are several big customizations which have changed the way web designs are created.

Below are some of the customizations which are a trending change in web design industry.

Social Sharing: Social sharing was not that much popular but it has been adopted by every niche having a website. Since it’s a heavy adoption, social share has evolved supporting many social providers, responsiveness in design and even analytics.
They are easy to implement  in site with custom coding or cms based. For Wordpress it gets very easy for social share plugin to install, via plugin directory in admin dashboard.

Hamburger Menu: Responsive design is trending now. A responsive website is not only user friendly because of its adaptability on every screen size device, whether mobile, tablet or big screen mac, but also is a ranking factor in google serp.
Hamburger menu is a very much simplified form of menu. As soon as website loads on devices below certain screen size, it automatically adapts itself into mobile design and menu gets hidden under a hamburger menu. Traditionally hamburger menu is either on left or right but designers can keep it anywhere according to requirements.

Cards: This design format is very familiar to people who use Pinterest. The basis of a card format is that most relevant information about a topic is organized in a single container.
This format is very much popular nowadays in blogger templates and ecommerce templates.
Traditionally posts were in grid format making hard for readers to get a quick view on posts but with card layout it gets very easier to scroll posts while having a quick detailed look about them.

Flat and Materialistic Combination: Material design is Google’s simple layered design. Flat design is a simple alternative to graphics which resembles real counterparts of a design which was developed to facilitate early mobile devices.
Main benefit of this combination is that it decreases loading time for a website with its minimalistic and light graphics. Customization is very much a need now even traditional ethics needs to be upgraded so as to match frequency with time.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

When you heard the phrase "sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite" it seemed like folklore some what of a myth. I personally heard my father say it as a child and did not think they were real. To my surprise bed bugs are very real and prevalent in our area as well as the rest of the country. Working as a property manager for years I have had hands on experience with the pest at Oyster Point Place apartments in Newport News Virginia. These parasitic insects rest in box springs and mattresses and other places in the home waiting for their food source to sleep.

Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

They feed on your blood similar to mosquitoes and leave itchy bumps behind. At Oyster Point 40% of the community is infested with them and they are extremely difficult and expensive to get rid of. Resident Robert foster who resides at the apartment complex says he moved into a unit that was infested. He stated he noticed the pest after a month or so, he stated he thought they were mosquito bites. Says the property said that they would spray the unit and that should take care of them. In one week after treatment from pest control he still noticed them and requested a transfer. The corporate office transferred Mr Foster as long as he did not bring his furniture or beds with him. Tiffany Widder Moved in January 2011 and had no idea that she had bedbugs until the office notified her that her neighbors had them so her apartment should be inspected. After a brief inspection the pest control service noticed that she was in fact infested and came and treated her apartment once. Guess what, Tiffany still noticed bed bugs even after treatment. Read reviews about Oyster Points bed bugs I personally remember a resident when I worked there was moved into i unit that management knew had bed bugs but in a push to increase occupancy management took the risk that she may not notice them.

They were wrong and the resident broke her lease right away. Residents have been informed to throw away all their furniture and bedding, which is costly and treatments run anywhere betwwen $200 and $500 so they are very costly to be rid of. It seems that bed bugs are not just prevalent in low income housing the Waldorf Astoria as well as the Four Seasons in New York City has had numerous bed bug reports. Read bed bug reviews for New York City hotels. Pest control companies I have spoke to such as Orkin and Terminex say that the chemicals they use now are not as strong as the chemicals used in the past. Due to EPA regulations tehy cannot use these chemicals any longer. Here are some tips to help get rid of bed bugs from spreading to your home Well Sleep tight...... you know the rest.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

5 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

If you are here then you probably have your own blog or work for a business or company who has a dedicated blog. Nowadays almost every company has their own blog because it is one of the effective ways to drive traffic to a website.
Below we will be discussing 5 sureshot ways to get more traffic to your blog.

Be Regular : If you are a dedicated mouse for maintaining a blog, make sure you are regular with your posting intervals. Posting regularly not only helps your visitors stay loyal to you but also helps in ranking in Google.
Make sure to have right content on right time, i.e. if you wrote something about NBA match which will be going to held next month, plan a schedule to post it on the day where it will gain maximum popularity and looks freshly baked.

If you have problem posting regularly, then you can post biweekly or on weekends or may be once a month.

Make Sharing Easy: Make sure your content is easily sharable. Cut the efforts by visitors by introducing social sharing plugins which will help them in sharing a content in single click. No need to copy or download content and paste or upload on social media.

Do your homework: Before creating content, make sure to research. It is very important for a content to be informative. If it’s a technical article, then proofs and metrics are very important to mention. Proofs and metrics should be valid till the date of post.  A half baked post may attract visitors at first but will hypothetically make your blog blacklist because of less resourcefulness.

Visualize more: Creating visually appealing post is very much important. It will help in attracting customers as well as visitors towards the content. A decent zoom in product image with optimized content will look appealing compared to randomly clicked product image with lots of shadows.

Start Guest Posting: Guest posting is another ways of gaining followers on your blog from other blogs. It helps in increasing credibility and networking.
Guest posting on niche related sites is recommended. If getting a link back is the only motive then get prepared to rank down in SERP as less relevant backlinks are seen as bad links by Google.

I hope you will follow these 5 tips and improve your blog traffic.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Why SMO is an important part of SEO?

Search engine giants such as Bing, Yahoo and Google have seen immense benefits in making social media an integral part of search engine optimization as it can increase the quality of their database and boost their ranking data. One of the best examples of SEO-SMO collaboration was the tie up of Google with social media site Twitter where tweets were included in Google searches. Though, the partnership has come to an end, Google is continuing its practice to use data from social media so that its search engine services could be improved. The emergence of Google’s own social networking site Google+ was also a part of this strategy where users+1’ning increased their ranking of pages and improved traffic.

Google and other search engine companies have accepted the fact that +1’s, Tweets and Likes, do work wonders for them and evaluate as well as optimize their content.
When we talk about social media optimization, it works just like search optimization as it improves the quality of traffic when they target social media platforms. Social media platforms are not considered as search engines but they do work as medium increase traffic on your websites or blogs. (TESTED AND ASSURED!!!).. :)
There are four sections which are affected and improved due to the application of Social media optimization strategy. They are basically:-
  • Meta data used for social platforms (It can be considered as The source code)
  • The content for social media platforms
  • Structure  as it needs to be browsable and promotes sharing and social interactions
  • Collecting valuable information about the popularity of your website via social media.
The most important thing which is expected from SMO is to acquire accurate information about the popularity of websites. Hence, the process gets simplified. If you get more likes or shares on your website, it means that the website is getting popular. Thus, the combination of SEO and SMO will improve your ranking and make your website, a centre of attraction for the targeted keyword. Social media optimization can also help search engine marketing as well. An example would be endorsing the page with Google Adwords so that the AD could be visible in search engines.
Moreover, social media optimization could help your website to filter social networking sites according to the nature of your business. Hence, you can found your target audience. Moreover, you only need to throw relevant share buttons so that your readers may not get confused by seeing a bunch of social buttons. Never overdo it.
So to sum up, social media optimization is a tested technique. If it swings for Google and Bing, it can Swing well for your website as well. Further, the benefits of social sharing and share buttons will take your website/blog viewership at new heights. Explore the possibilities and best of luck with Socializing.. !!!