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Monday 21 November 2016

Understanding the need of customization in traditional web design

There is one thing that is true about designing, it is constantly evolving.
Design should be dynamic, constantly changing, adapting according to environment so as to cope up with the expectations of diverse world.

Previously in web design stock images were used from a header banner to a sign-up button. Today most of the things have been replaced with things which are more reliable, fast and simpler.
There are several big customizations which have changed the way web designs are created.

Below are some of the customizations which are a trending change in web design industry.

Social Sharing: Social sharing was not that much popular but it has been adopted by every niche having a website. Since it’s a heavy adoption, social share has evolved supporting many social providers, responsiveness in design and even analytics.
They are easy to implement  in site with custom coding or cms based. For Wordpress it gets very easy for social share plugin to install, via plugin directory in admin dashboard.

Hamburger Menu: Responsive design is trending now. A responsive website is not only user friendly because of its adaptability on every screen size device, whether mobile, tablet or big screen mac, but also is a ranking factor in google serp.
Hamburger menu is a very much simplified form of menu. As soon as website loads on devices below certain screen size, it automatically adapts itself into mobile design and menu gets hidden under a hamburger menu. Traditionally hamburger menu is either on left or right but designers can keep it anywhere according to requirements.

Cards: This design format is very familiar to people who use Pinterest. The basis of a card format is that most relevant information about a topic is organized in a single container.
This format is very much popular nowadays in blogger templates and ecommerce templates.
Traditionally posts were in grid format making hard for readers to get a quick view on posts but with card layout it gets very easier to scroll posts while having a quick detailed look about them.

Flat and Materialistic Combination: Material design is Google’s simple layered design. Flat design is a simple alternative to graphics which resembles real counterparts of a design which was developed to facilitate early mobile devices.
Main benefit of this combination is that it decreases loading time for a website with its minimalistic and light graphics. Customization is very much a need now even traditional ethics needs to be upgraded so as to match frequency with time.


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