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Thursday 3 November 2016

5 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

If you are here then you probably have your own blog or work for a business or company who has a dedicated blog. Nowadays almost every company has their own blog because it is one of the effective ways to drive traffic to a website.
Below we will be discussing 5 sureshot ways to get more traffic to your blog.

Be Regular : If you are a dedicated mouse for maintaining a blog, make sure you are regular with your posting intervals. Posting regularly not only helps your visitors stay loyal to you but also helps in ranking in Google.
Make sure to have right content on right time, i.e. if you wrote something about NBA match which will be going to held next month, plan a schedule to post it on the day where it will gain maximum popularity and looks freshly baked.

If you have problem posting regularly, then you can post biweekly or on weekends or may be once a month.

Make Sharing Easy: Make sure your content is easily sharable. Cut the efforts by visitors by introducing social sharing plugins which will help them in sharing a content in single click. No need to copy or download content and paste or upload on social media.

Do your homework: Before creating content, make sure to research. It is very important for a content to be informative. If it’s a technical article, then proofs and metrics are very important to mention. Proofs and metrics should be valid till the date of post.  A half baked post may attract visitors at first but will hypothetically make your blog blacklist because of less resourcefulness.

Visualize more: Creating visually appealing post is very much important. It will help in attracting customers as well as visitors towards the content. A decent zoom in product image with optimized content will look appealing compared to randomly clicked product image with lots of shadows.

Start Guest Posting: Guest posting is another ways of gaining followers on your blog from other blogs. It helps in increasing credibility and networking.
Guest posting on niche related sites is recommended. If getting a link back is the only motive then get prepared to rank down in SERP as less relevant backlinks are seen as bad links by Google.

I hope you will follow these 5 tips and improve your blog traffic.


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