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Tuesday 7 June 2016

Stay Away From These Common WordPress Mistakes!

Every day we tend to come across with a variety of articles on why you need to come upon your next post on WordPress or how  you can  install WordPress or some tips or ways to get started on WordPress. Many people know how to use WordPress, however, have you given the thought to the mistakes you must avoid while using or working on WordPress? In this article,  I am going to list down some of such mistakes.

Not Adding Social Sharing Button

Social media is one of the most significant tool  these days to promote business. If you're not using social media platforms to promote your business then you have already lost a battle. People are using varied social media platforms to share everything regarding their product, content, blogs and lots more. Implementing social media sharing buttons give an opportunity to your users or readers to share your content, products or services with their social network.  

Adding Unwanted Plugins

There are more than thousands of plugins available that we can install to our WordPress website and we all love plugins because they simplify our tasks however the excessive quantity of something isn’t good! Adding several plugins not only weighs down the website but also causes many issues that you may unable to resolve if you’re unsure which plugin is not operating. Therefore, it is safe to limit yourself with the essential WordPress plugins.

Forgetting to Create Backup

Another common mistake we commit is not taking backup of our WordPress website. Most of the organisation notice the importance of backups only when they lose their most precious data. It is highly recommended to backup your data on regular intervals. The chances of website crashes make it necessary to possess an accurate backup as a result of nothing is 100% secure in the era of technology. Several tools like export for  and phpMyAdmin for can facilitate the user to form backup.

So these are some of the mistakes typically we make while working on WordPress. What are the other common mistakes that we need to avoid? Let me know in the comments below.


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