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Thursday 26 May 2016

Tactics to Make Your Content Social Media Friendly

Social Media platform is a particularly powerful tool in today’s digital world. Whenever you produce your content like eBooks, articles and press releases, you don’t wish to cross your fingers and sit up for somebody to stumble across your website. So, what should you do? Sharing it to your personal social media networks is nice and easy however it's difficult to make others  share your contents with their social networks.
Therefore to maximise your market reach, here I'm recommending you three ways that will help you to form your content more social media friendly.

Optimize your Title

If you actually wish your content to be shared by others then make short, sweet and eye catching titles. Nobody likes long and boring titles. Even users don’t prefer to browse content that has an ordinary title. Do you think they will share the content that has boring titles? No, they won’t. Therefore, always try to optimize your content’s title and increase the chances of getting shared by the others.

Add Social Sharing Buttons

You can add WordPress Social media plugin to bottom, top or both on top and bottom of your content. Place your social share buttons such that it can easily figure out by the users. Include most famous and widely using  social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. as your social media sharing buttons. However avoid featuring too many social network buttons on your post, because it creates confusion and also slows down the website loading speed.

Don’t Forget Images

According to a report a post with images can get 94%  additional views. In the same report is also mentioned that 67 % shoppers agreed that the standard of the image plays a very important role in choosing and buying a product on e-commerce websites. Most of the users like to share content that has high quality and relevant images of the products. If you want users to share your content or product then you need to spend some time working on images.

These are some of the most important and effective ways to make your content more visible and social media friendly.

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