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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Landing Page Forms : Best Practices

One of the least noticed elements of a landing page is forms but do you know landing page forms play important role in conversions? When marketers think about landing pages, the first thing that strikes in mind, is CTA button or headline, clearly ignoring forms. But without a perfectly optimized landing page form, users wight leave the website before even getting started. In order to ensure conversions, marketers must optimize their landing page forms, but it’s not that easy. For ex, asking for too much information might freak them out and make them leave while asking too little information will not get you enough data to understand your audience.
Best practices

In this article I have listed down five best practices to maximize the effectiveness of your landing page forms :

  1. Place landing page form above the fold :

    If your landing page forms are located at the least visible places, then you already lost half the battle. After all who has got the time to find your forms and then fill it out.

    To that end, always place your landing page forms at easy to locate places, or place them above the fold, in the centre so that as soon as the user lands on your site, he can easily find and submit it. Placing these form in the upper right corner of the page ensures maximum conversion.
  2. Offer social login :

    As said above, asking too many questions often irritate users and forces them to leave. So one of the solution to the problem is to ask for limited information. But then you say, you won’t get enough information to understand users. That’s where social media login helps.

    Social Login
    By offering social login, you can leverage the power of social media networks to get data about your audience. All that you need to do is to ask them to use their existing social media account to connect with your website. Apart from simplifying the process, it will give you access to the first party user data from their social profiles.
  3. Optimize your landing page form for mobile :

    This year, revenue generated by mobile users in US is around 14.8 billion dollars. (Source). As per Social media hat, around half of the consumer deny returning to a website that doesn’t load properly on mobile. These stats clearly indicate the need of a mobile friendly website.

    In order to make sure you don’t lose these mobile users, make sure to optimize your forms for mobile. Keep the form short and easy-to-locate. Social Sign in can be  a great solution here as the users no longer need to fill long registration forms with those tiny keys plus it is a well known fact that most of the users are already logged in at one of the social media accounts on their mobile devices which make social login a wise choice for your mobile audience.
  4. Focus on CTA :

    Make sure to use compelling words in your forms like “get the free ebook now” rather than “submit” or “click here. Feel free to boost benefit of the form submission to your users. Also design the buttons in a way that leads to better conversions. Test out different colors and size and finalize the best combination
    effective CTA buttons
  5. A/B test everything :

    Last but definitely not the least, the strategies differ from businesses to businesses. So test out everything and design a perfect, highly converting landing page form that can drive you maximum benefits. These were the five best practices to design an optimized landing page forms. If you think there are any other tips that I missed, feel free to mention in the comments below.


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